1. The inaugural IGNITE Collegiate Culinary Challenge will take place during presenting sponsor Colorado Boxed Beef Company’s Taste of Colorado customer appreciation event on October 18, 2019 at the OMNI ORLANDO RESORT AT CHAMPIONSGATE, located at 1500 Masters Boulevard, ChampionsGate, FL 33896. Additional competitions in other locations may follow these general rules.

2. A competitor is defined as a cook. Each team will be comprised of two competitors. Competitors must be 18 years of age at the time of the competition and enrolled full-time or part-time in a [formal] culinary school. Competitors may NOT judge any category or compete in multiple category competitions at the IGNITE Collegiate Culinary Challenge. People’s choice or other ancillary challenges are not considered category competitions. Also, a judge may not compete nor assist another competitor as a sous chef.

3. Competitors will be selected by the culinary school by using the following criteria:

a. Seniority in Program

b. Concentration of Study

c. Scholastic Performance

4. Online registration is required for all competitors by October 8, 2019 at

5. IGNITE organizers will notify each competition team of the exact time of competition once registrations are completed. Competitors should show up on time specified by IGNITE organizers. Late arrival may lead to disqualification, which will be decided at the discretion of the IGNITE organizers.

6. Any competitor who has claimed a spot at the IGNITE Collegiate Culinary Competition through a completed registration is expected to be present and to compete at the event. If a competitor fails to appear at the Main Event without giving the presenting sponsor (Colorado Boxed Beef Company) advance written notice of at least three (3) days (and therefore leaving an open spot in the competition), that competitor will be marked DNA (Did Not Appear). Competitors with a DNA designation will not be eligible to compete in any IGNITE competitions for a period of three (3) years following the most recent designation.

7. Competitors may NOT have assistants during the competition period. A team MUST work within the individually designated competition space and may not perform duties outside of this area. Team members are responsible for the actions of their teammates and may be disqualified for the actions or violations of a teammate.

8. All competitor entries must be original recipes and not the property rights of any third party.

9. The use of sponsored products is a requirement if stated by the IGNITE process. When stated, such products MUST be used and cannot be replaced by products of a competitive nature.

10. Participating teams will compete as follows:

a. Round 1: High River Angus round. Two teams will determine a menu and prepare a cut of beef determined by contest sponsor and an accompanying side dish to be presented on the same plate. Teams will present their dishes to the judges and a winner will be determined.

b. Round 2: Diamond Reef round. Two teams will determine a menu and prepare a seafood determined by contest sponsor and an accompanying side dish to be presented on the same plate. Teams will present their dishes to the judges and a winner will be determined.

c. Championship Round: Surf & Turf round. Winning teams from Round 1 and Round 2 will compete for the championship by preparing a cut of beef and piece of seafood determined by contest sponsor to be presented on the same plate. Teams will present their dishes to the judges and a Grand Prize Winner will be determined.

11. Whether teams will compete in Round 1 or Round 2 will be determined by random drawing on the day of the event.

12. Within each round, the team that will present their dish to the judges first will be determined by random drawing on the day of the event.

13. Each Round will consist of:

a. 15 minutes for menu development

b. 30 minutes cooking time

c. 15 minutes for plate presentation, judging and announcement of winner

14. For every round, teams will be required to create four (4) plates of food: one (1) presentation plate and one (1) plate for each of three (3) judges.

15. Dishes will be judged on a ranking system from one (poorest) to five (best) on the following criteria: presentation,

preparation, taste, tenderness and creativity. If there is a tie, an additional category will be judged pertaining to relevance to the overall event theme of Tropical Beach Fest 2019.

16. All competition entries must be prepared on site during the competition period using the cooking equipment and ingredients provided in the competition space. Competitors are prohibited from bringing cooking utensils, equipment of ingredients into the competitions space. No pre-chopping of ingredients is allowed. No previously cooked or prepared entries will be accepted; for example, homemade sauces should be prepared on-site.

Competitors MAY BRING, knives, ring molds, cutters, vegetable peelers, skewer (only for cooking), small spoons, scoop, oven towels, piping bags with tips, spatulas.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure the safety of judges as well as fairness to all competitors.

a. All competitors, prior to the official start of a cook time, will be subject to a random equipment and ingredient check by an IGNITE official. If violations are found, a point deduction per infraction will be applied to the team’s overall score as a penalty.

17. Entries may include any combination of ingredients, sauces, toppings and/or decor/garnishes from those provided in the competition space. Every key food component must be placed together as a unified judging portion on the presentation dish, as well as represented appropriately in the presentation dish. If a component to an entry, such as a sauce or condiment, exists outside of the presentation dish or sampling portions, it will not be judged.

18. For sanitary purposes and the health and safety of our judges, all entries, including samples, must be plated.

19. All food must be placed on or in a solid dish that can be picked up with one hand. Lettuce beds, parchment paper, fruits and vegetables are not considered a dish but can all be placed on a dish. For the security, integrity and safety of transferring each dish during the judging process, the bottom of any food being presented as part of the dish cannot be elevated more than 3 inches above the platter. Garnish/decor is allowed and can be placed beneath or adjacent to the presented food. The intent of garnish/decor is to decorate and prevent slipping, not to elevate the dish. Garnish/decor will not be eaten.

20. No part of an entry, including but not limited to plate ware, food, garnish/decor, will be allowed to extend beyond 3 inches off the edges of the turn-in platter. (This is similar to the 3-inch elevation rule, to protect against unstable conditions and/or unfair advantage in appearance).

21. Prizes will be awarded as scholarships to the respective culinary schools of the winners as follows:

a. One (1) Grand Prize winning team will receive $2,000 ($1,000 per competitor)

b. One (1) Runner Up team will receive $1,000 ($500 per competitor)

22. Each competitor will be required to wear a complete chef’s uniform including a chef’s jacket, chef’s trousers and head cover, plus an IGNITE branded apron that will be provided at the competition.

23. Competitors must be courteous and respectful at all times. Competitors should never obstruct pathways within the competitive space, obstruct the view of the judges or interfere with another competitor’s turn-in. Doing so could result in a deduction of points or disqualification at the discretion of the IGNITE organizers.

24. All competitors MUST attend a mandatory pre-competition meeting. Absence from the mandatory meeting will result in a one (1) point deduction from the team’s overall score.

25. All decisions made by IGNITE organizers and judges are final.

26. By participating, all competitors grant permission to event sponsor, Colorado Boxed Beef Company, to use their likeness in promotional materials to promote this competition as well as future competitions as determined by sponsor. Promotional materials may include video, print ads, online marketing, social media, posters, etc.

27. Competitors are permitted to promote their involvement before and after the competition via social media and other forms of communication.

28. All competitors and judges will be required to sign a liability waiver in order to participate.